About Us

First Food is the independent supply chain management and distribution cooperative for the
First Food has been an instrumental partner working on behalf of Burger joint restaurants Egypt to
secure the best possible commercial terms for food, packaging, promotional products, supplies,
equipment, distribution services and more.
In other words, we strive to Ensure Supply at the Best Cost for BURGER JOINT. everything from
toasters to tongs, freezers to fries and broilers to buns. And, we make sure that these items move
smoothly from suppliers through regional distribution centers and each restaurant across the country
receives the RIGHT PRODUCT at the RIGHT TIME in the RIGHT AMOUNT.
We are responsible for developing brand strategy, marketing programs, product specifications, food
quality , safety standards , the approval , disapproval of suppliers and distributors…basically
everything that defines the quality and influences consumer perception of the BURGER JOINT

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We use domestic and international procurement programs

Facilities and Equipment

We use domestic and international procurement programs with Burger Joint -approved suppliers to
negotiate the costs of Burger Joint restaurant dining rooms, kitchens, and facilities.
We also supports Burger Joint in equipment and facilities roll-outs that impact restaurants
nationwide, and in construction-related items required in the development and maintenance of new
and existing restaurants.

Food and Packing

On behalf of our members, we purchase hundreds of different food and packaging items. From beef
to produce to French fries to ketchup, we source a vast array of food items — most of the ingredients
needed to build the wide variety products on the BURGER Joint menu. Our F&P team manages the
development and production of these items through strategic supplier relationships and also works
with them to support Burger Joint in new product development and marketing initiatives.
In addition, the Food and Package team purchases promotional and core packaging used to serve
menu items to restaurant guests every day. The cleaning materials and supplies used to maintain a
clean and pleasant environment in Burger Joint restaurants are also sourced by our team.


we require vast amounts of data and depend on complex technology applications to run the Burger
Joint supply chain effectively. We continuously look for opportunities to upgrade, evolve, enhance
and secure our infrastructure and software systems to ensure optimum performance for our
members. Through our technological capabilities, we employ advanced planning systems, demand
management and forecasting, timely sales data, resource planning, warehouse management,
transportation management and electronic commerce. Our partners in the supply chain, including
our members, suppliers and distributors, also leverage our tools to communicate and plan more
effectively; to make better informed management decisions and, ultimately, to reduce expenses

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